Featuring more than 170 amusement games. It’s fun for the entire family.

  • A New Generation

    Strap on a headset and be transported to a new dimension of gaming as you battle zombies in a full-motion, wireless, virtual reality world.

  • House of the dead 4 special

    In 2000, the evil genius, Dr. Goldman led his army of the undead in an attack against humanity. After losing, he went back underground to rebuild his forces for a new assault. That day as arrived and it’s your job to fend off his legion of zombies. You won the battle then will you win the war now?

  • Tank Tank Tank!

    Team up against giant monsters, battle in a team or enjoy free-for-all warfare! Subwoofers and pneumatic motion effects let you feel the true firepower of a tank!

  • Mini Rider 2

    Take a ride on a rollercoaster, journey through space, zip around icy glaciers or trip through an underground mine shaft in a two-seater motion theater simulator which uses a patented inverted motion system, leaving players suspended in mid air.

  • Guitar Hero

    Guitar Hero Arcade, is a popular version of the home market game series. There are over 40 songs to choose from and 2-player action for maximum output. Play 11 characters in over 9 venues!

  • Stinky Feet

    The fun, exciting, different and simple game that has everyone in splits! Stinky Feet is a hilarious new multi-target water race game. Just follow the light pattern, be the first to reach the score and win!

  • American Hi-striker

    Rev up your reflexes and swing as hard as you can to hit the jackpot on this carnival favourite

  • Whopper Water

    The crown jewel of carnival games, Whopper Water is great fun for up to ten people, but you can play with only two. The more players who compete, the bigger the prize you can win! Step right up and try your skill against other sharp shooters.